Living in Florida, you know you’re going to experience the full brunt of a severe storm season every year. You strive to protect your home and family from the worst of it, but there are still times when you’re going to get flooded. Let Dririte USA help! We have emergency water damage restoration services right here in Orlando, ready to help clean up your home and restore your peace of mind. 


First Steps When You’re Flooded

The first step you should do once you discover your home is flooding is to stop it right at the source. It may be a busted pipe, leaks from a roof, or multiple issues at once causing the water to enter your home. Being able to stop it early, either by shutting off the water or closing up exposed areas of your house, will help keep the water levels low in your house and prevent further damage. If you are also able to shut off any electricity in your home, that’s ideal. If the fuse box is in an unsafe or highly flooded area, don’t attempt to reach it, and keep yourself protected instead. 


Evacuating and seeking shelter is the next step, especially if it’s during a storm or a sewer line broke and could be entering your home. Make sure everyone is out of the house and accounted for before seeking a safe place. Depending on the severity of the situation, you may be able to wait outside on your lawn or find a neighbor or temporary shelter to hide out for the duration of the event. 


Water Damage Restoration in Orlando

Once the clouds have cleared and it’s safe to move about again, the next steps are always the hardest and longest: water damage cleanup. You’ll first want to call and give either your landlord or your homeowner’s insurance a call to let them know of the damages and what to do next. Call a cleanup crew to get the ball rolling, as you don’t want to waste time when it comes to standing water in your home. Don’t forget to document everything before your water damage cleanup crew arrives. Take as many pictures and videos as you need to ensure all parties will have the documentation they need. 


Depending on the extent of damage, the first thing your restoration crew will do is get all the water out of your home, and thoroughly dry all surfaces, including floors, walls and ceilings if applicable. They will inspect these areas as well for any underlying mold or severe enough damage where repairs or replacement will be necessary. The drying process alone can take days or longer if there was a substantial amount of standing water, or if it reached multiple levels and rooms. The cleanup crew will disinfect all affected areas, thoroughly cleaning all surfaces with a special mixture of cleaning agents. 


The drying process is crucial to restoring your home back to normal. This step should always be left to a professional water damage cleanup crew, as improperly drying can have serious consequences. Water stains on your walls and ceilings, structural damage, floors warping and odors can happen if your home isn’t properly dried out after a flood. Worse, mold can easily start growing on these moist areas, leading to many problems for both your home and your health. 


Trust Your Home To Professionals 

If you experience a flood, whether by Mother Nature or your home, trust the professionals to get your house back into shape. A flood in your home is a major stressor, and the last thing you want is to go through all of that and end up with secondary damages to your home. There’s enough on your plate as it is, call and find help when it comes to cleaning up your home for peace of mind.


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Did a pipe burst? Did a storm break a window and you’re left with water in your living room? Don’t clean it up yourself, call the experts! Dririte USA can help with your water damage restoration in Orlando, and get your home back to being stunning and clean. Call us 24/7!

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