Because evidence of moisture intrusion in your home, we were called upon to help remedy the problem as quickly and efficiently as possible to restore your home to its former condition.


A containment structure may be built in your home in order to serve several functions. The removal of drywall can be a messy undertaking resulting in lots of fine powder and dust becoming airborne. The containment barrier helps to ensure your home does not get coated with drywall dust. In some cases where the water intrusion has gone unnoticed for an extended period of time mold growth may have occurred inside the wall captivity. The containment barrier prevents mold spores that may become airborne during work from traveling to other areas of your home. Another goal is to dry the structure completely and assist in identifying leaks. The containment barrier allows us to better control the drying process by reducing the volume of air and structural surfaces we are dehumidifying.

The refrigerant dehumidifiers we use are used to help dry your home as quickly as possible. Once moisture in the structure evaporates into the air, the moisture laden air is passed through the refrigerant coils in the dehumidifier. As the relatively warm moist air passes across the colder refrigerant coils the moisture in the air condenses back to liquid form. The water is then pumped out of the dehumidifier through the drain line into a sink or tub drain.

Our air scrubbers are used for two purposes. They circulate the air within the work area to aid in evaporation of moisture so that the dehumidifiers can do their job more efficiently. The air scrubbers are also equipped with a HEPA filter, which traps and removes dust and debris from the air. The air quality in the work area continuously improves with each pass through the filters.

Demolition typically takes several hours to a full day. Occasionally, circumstances dictate a longer project. After the removal of materials is complete drying of the structure will take place. Our goal is to have the site dried as soon as possible. Drying time may be longer depending on the amount of moisture present and environmental conditions. water testing will need to take place to identify the location of the water intrusion source. Some leaks are harder to find than others, therefore time varies from project to project. Usually it only takes a day or two. Once the source of the water intrusion is determined, a repair will be scheduled to prevent further moisture intrusion into the home. Time to complete the repair will vary greatly depending upon the reason for moisture intrusion. Everyone will try to keep you informed at this point to let you know the expected time needed. Once the repair has been completed, you will be ready to have the interior work site re-build. Replacing drywall, texture, paint and trim work will be done to return your home to it’s original condition. A couple of days may be needed to finish work once you’ve been scheduled. Contact us for water testing/leak detection & more!

Don’t hesitate to call your project manager, at one of the top restoration companies in Orlando, if you have questions regarding your project. We understand that keeping you well informed will help you understand the project each step of the way.