Mold can be anywhere that has moister and begin to spread through multiple different types of areas throughout your home. Mold can be dangerous and can even cause health effects on adults and children. Mold has existed for millions of years and can be found almost anywhere. Mold is very commonly found in homes and buildings. Dririte Emergency Services is an excellent mold detection and water repair company you should contact if you ever suspect that you may have mold growing in your home. Dririte consists of some of the best technicians in the state that are based in Orlando Florida. They also offer 30 minute response time and they’re always ready to send their team your way because they know that disasters don’t wait to happen on your time. Dririte offers mold remediation services and specializes in water removal, water extraction, mold remediation, moisture detection, and property damage assessment in Orlando. Dririte has mold remediation and will visit your property to carry out a full assessment of the situation and the damage using thermal imaging, mold testing, and inspection. Then they will use specialized drying equipment to fix the issue. Dririte is the number one mold detector in all of Florida and they continue to depend upon its highly-trained team to take care of your mold removal and water damage restoration problems. Mold is very serious and can be found nearly anywhere in your home!


Common Places You May Find Mold


Showers and Tubs


Mold can often be found around showers and tubs. Mold can frequently be found in bathrooms because the moisture and steam that often results from the shower are a breeding ground for mold. It’s important to thoroughly clean all the surfaces in your bathroom to avoid potential mold. Any mold detector will tell you that mold is always found under sinks and in any area with a lot of moisture. You can avoid all of this by cleaning your bathroom weekly and making sure mold is unable to grow in any area.


Kitchen Sinks


Countertops and sinks in your kitchen often can be a breeding ground for mold. Old sponges and towels that sit under your sink can easily develop mold as they sit in moisture. Walls and countertops that have cracks often can have mold growing out of them if your kitchen is not cleaned properly. Leaky pipes under the sink that slowly drip water can develop mold and spread throughout the kitchen without you even knowing. Cleaning regularly in the kitchen and watching for mold every week is very important.


Windows and Doorways


Windows and doorways can develop mold if you leave them open and the moisture starts to condensate which can lead to mold. Mold detectors have found mold in the most unlikely areas such as window seals and doorframes. Always inspect all areas of your home where moisture could possibly develop. Every part of your home should be checked and cleaned weekly. Mold can dangerous for children and adults that have a breathing problem, so watching for mold should be taken seriously!

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