When your house floods it’s important to stop the water at its source. House floods can be caused by environmental issues, faulty pipes, or even household appliances. Plumping failures have caused many house floods. Once you find the source of the waterflood it’s important to turn off the electricity. You never want to be wandering through a flooded house with the electricity still on. You may need to reach the fuse box to turn the electricity off. If you are unable to reach the room that has the fuse box calling an electrician could help you. While you are going through the house it’s important to document all the damage. Furniture that is soaked in water a lot of the time will be completely ruined. Many fabrics cannot just sit in water for long periods of time. A house flood may be too severe for you to even remove large objects from your household. Your clothes that sink in the water may also be permanently ruined beyond repair. You need to remember and write down everything in your house that is beyond repair due to the flood. You will need to contact your insurance company and inform them of all the damage you lost in the flooding hazard. The most important thing is to protect your family and evacuate the home as soon as possible. You never want to just sit in a flooded house for a long period of time. You may need to leave your home and stay at someone’s house as you wait for help. 

Flood and Mold Remediation


If you have a family you should focus on making sure they are all safe before you do anything. Call 911 to provide your family with any possible medical attention if needed and then you can focus on water damage recovery.  If the flooding isn’t too severe and dangerous you can work to clean up some of the water damage. If you are renting a home you will need to call your landlord and let them know about the house flooding. If you are a homeowner you will need to call your insurance company and inform them of all the flooding damage that you have been documenting and the recovery process. Your insurance company needs to know the full extent of all the damage. You also need to check for mold. You may need to hire mold professionals that regularly deal with flood recovery and mold remediation. Mold can start in as little as 24 hours so it’s important to remove as much flood water as soon as possible. Dririte emergency services specialize in mold remediation, drying services, and water damage repair. Dririte which is located in Orlando, Florida can help you with any mold or flood damage. Undetected mold in your home can cause all kinds of health problems. That’s why our goal is to keep up the mess, keeping your home safe and family healthy. 

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