Living in Florida, there is no shortage of storm seasons and with that, comes potential damage to your home. If you had a window break and water entered your home, you may wonder what to do. Even something in your house can easily run amok and leave you with a lot of water on your floor. A washing machine can break down, a pipe can burst, your basement could get a leak. If you’re now seeking water damage restoration in the Orlando area, Dririte USA is here for you. Located right here in Orlando, we can take care of any water damage that comes your way, thanks to the use of the desiccant dehumidifier. Read on to find out more about our methods.


The Dangers of Moisture and Humidity

If you live in a more desert, dry like climate, you may even utilize a humidifier to put moisture and humidity back into the air. But in balmier climates like the ones in Florida, having too much humidity in your home can cause issues, especially if your house is not quite equipped to handle it. Depending on where the extra humidity is coming from, it can cause issues to your hardwood floors and walls, especially in areas like the bathroom. 


If you don’t have sufficient circulation or suction to remove all this humidity, it can build up over time and can cause mold. If you have an attic, this is an especially dangerous place to have moisture build up as it can cause roof rot, or mold growing into your wooden beams. This can be combined with the water damage you already sustained and now have to clean up, so always be on the lookout for anything leaking, and if something breaks or there’s a sudden flood, take care of it right away.


How a Desiccant Dehumidifier Can Help

If you need water damage restoration in Orlando, then you already know how cumbersome and dangerous excess moisture and water is in your home. Calling in professionals, even for a small leak or flood, is always your best course of action. You don’t know if any water got behind the walls or went deeper down into your home, and could be festering without you aware after the initial cleanup. Having professionals come out and scope the area can better assess any damages you received while cleaning up the mess quickly and efficiently. 


One of the tools used by the big guns is the desiccant dehumidifier. This dehumidifier uses chemical attraction instead of condensation to remove moisture from the air, using a desiccant wheel. This important wheel is a honeycomb-like network of small airways filled with silicone gel; the same silicone gel packets you see in boxes to keep shipments dry. The dehumidifier works by forcing air from a blower into the desiccant wheel, where the silica gel starts its absorption process. Absorbing the moisture from the air, the silica gel releases about 75% of the air back into the open space as dry, processed air. The unit then heats the remaining 25% of air, or “reactivation air”, by getting the air to about 60 to 110 degrees fahrenheit, thereby pushing the moisture out through the silica gel. The warm, wet reactivation air is then released outside of the home, typically through the ductwork to the outside. This model of dehumidifier is available for retail purchase as it comes in a variety of sizes, but there are also more industrial sized models to help with flooding. 


The Best Way To Dry Out Your Home

When you’re faced with a busted pipe and a flood in your home, you want the very best in getting rid of the water, fast. Treating your home with a proven and fast dehumidifier is often the best option for you. It offers great drying capabilities, oftentimes drying in half the time of conventional refrigerant dehumidifiers. 


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