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Whitney Heights

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The overnight storm kept you awake for most of the night. When you rise at the crack of dawn, fatigue is more of a concern than the aftermath of the deluge.

It shouldn’t be.

Prolonged exposure to rainwater can create a potentially costly home services project for residents of Whitney Heights, South Carolina. From leaky roofs to water pipes that burst, you have several potential sources for water damage. At DriRite, our team of IICRC certified professionals encourage clients to schedule regular inspections to ensure the structural integrity of their homes. What appears to be nothing more than a small puddle forming near a sewer drain can morph into a major sewer line break that devastates your home.

Water is the ultimate hide and seek champion. Whitney Heights, South Carolina homeowners should turn to the home services company that wins every hide and seek match with water.

How DriRite Detects Water Damage

The licensed and insured team of water removal experts at DriRite uses the most advanced diagnostic equipment to detect mold accurately. By using the high tech ThermalScan IRC 2000™, we can find the smallest amount of water lurking behind drywall, floor coverings, roofing materials, and exterior finishes. The display screen attached to the ThermalScan IRC 2000™ presents a clear gray image to ensure an accurate water detection analysis. By using cutting edge technology, DriRite completes water removal projects efficiently and under budget. Minute temperature differences between moisture and the dry areas of a wall or ceiling allows us to discover the presence of water in your Whitney Heights, SC home and then take immediate action to extract the moisture to prevent damage.

Power Disruptions Do Not Slow Us Down

You know the drill. A strong storm knocks out power to many of the homes located in Whitney Heights, South Carolina. How do you get rid of water when you do not have the power to operate water detection and removal equipment? At DriRite, we bring generators to every water removal project to ensure our clients receive prompt service that prevents water from destroying walls, floors, and ceilings. We simply do not allow power outages to disrupt the performance of our highly rated team of certified home services professionals.

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