Water and Mold Remediation Services near Rosewood, South Carolina

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It starts as a minor distraction. A couple of faded streaks run down the side of one of the walls in the kitchen. Applying the “I’ll ignore it and it will go away” strategy does not work, as the couple of faded streaks eventually grow into a large, dark spot covering more than one kitchen wall.

You have a leaky pipe or worse, one or more water pipes have burst. The original strategy must give way to the most effective water extraction strategy of all: contacting DriRite to restore your Rosewood, SC home to mint condition.
Our insured and certified team of water removal professionals has earned the highly coveted A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). A BBB rating of A+ means we have completed superior water extraction projects for several years in Rosewood, South Carolina. The BBB has also recognized us for implementing transparent business practices. For water removal projects, we clearly inform our clients about the logistics of each step required for the process. DriRite also creates easy to understand contracts the never include any hidden fees.

When you need a water removal project done right, you pick up the phone and call DriRite.

Mold Remediation

Water that pools inside your home does much more than destroy wooden support beams and linoleum tile floors. It also produces one of the unhealthiest hazards found throughout humid climates such as what we experience in Rosewood, SC.


The presence of mold inside your home can cause a wide variety of health concerns, with respiratory ailments such as asthma topping the list of harmful mold side effects. If you experience a sewer back up or discover water pipes have burst, you should not wait to detect the presence of mold before calling DriRite.

Our IICRC certified home services company operates on the principle that successful mold remediation begins with coming up with a successful game plan and then clearly communicating our game plan with clients. We train our mold remediation team to meet every day for project briefings, which allows us to tweak our game plans to ensure the 100% extraction of potentially dangerous mold from your home. DriRite uses the most advanced diagnostic technology to find out where mold lurks, as well as works with cutting edge mold extraction equipment to get the mold remediation job done efficiently.

Call us today at 877-299-9585 today to prevent mold from becoming a health hazard inside your Rosewood, South Carolina home.