Water & Mold Remediation Services in Greenwood, South Carolina

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Ask any homeowner about Murphy’s Law and you will probably get a quiet shrugging of the shoulders and a little kicking at the ground. After all, what can go wrong usually does go wrong, especially when it comes to water damage.

You head into the basement one morning to discover the sewer line backed up a few inches across the entire span of the floor. Another nightmare scenario involves preparing a meal in the kitchen when suddenly the faucet bursts with a powerful surge of water. How Murphy’s Law affects you is not the point. The point is to call a highly rated team of water removal contractors that arrive at your Greenwood, SC home within 30 minutes of your phone call.

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As an insurance approved provider, we give our customers the peace of mind knowing any water damage caused by cracked pipes or overflowing sewer lines will be fixed immediately. We repair the damage caused by toilets overflowing, as well as the devastation caused by an Atlantic Ocean spawned tropical storm.

Dehumidification Desiccant Drying

Flooding remains by far the most destructive force to Greenwood, South Carolina homes. Whether you live in a low lying neighborhood that is susceptible to stream and river flooding or you are simply a victim of a deluge caused by an Atlantic Ocean storm, you should turn to DriRite for quickly returning your home to its former pristine condition.

By implementing the procedure called desiccant dehumidification, our team of licensed and certified professionals ensures your home dries faster and more efficiently than the homes treated for water damage by other home services companies. With our Thermal Scan IRC-2000®, we quickly discover the problem areas of your home structure that require intensive water removal treatments. We present before and after thermal images to our customers that confirm the 100% removal of damaging water.

No Power, No Problem

DriRite contractors do not stand idly by after the power goes off in Greenwood, SC. We use generators that we bring on site to push your home restoration project forward. Every hour your home remains soaked in water, the more likely the structure will receive permanent catastrophic damage. DriRite stands for proactive; we do not put your fate in the hands of the local utility company.

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