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Your home or building is in a damaged state. Think of the contractor as an emergency room doctor; they need to triage the building. Every fire restoration project is different, but the process is the same. This is not a job for the do-it-yourselfers! After effects of a fire include odors and toxic chemicals permeating through floors, walls and ceilings and there are potential health and respiratory concerns to you, your family and future guests.

The removal of excess water from structural materials and contents is also very important, in addition to water added to the environment by fire-fighting activities, and can place the building under the threat of microbial growth.
Smoke can and will travel throughout your home or building finding its way into your plumbing, ventilation, heating and cooling systems. Smoke and soot will also cause oxidation on electrical motors and refrigeration units. It can also leave a thin film that causes discoloration, corrosion and often unseen damage. Smoke is acidic and can permanently damage metal, porcelain and glass after 24 hours. The contractor should perform corrosion-control measures immediately after the fire is extinguished to make the building safer for workers and occupants. Steps to deodorize the building and its contents should also begin as soon as possible.
Make sure to have reasonable expectations and communicate them with your insurance carrier and contractor. The restoration process can be a long one and can seem longer if you are not familiar with the process. Every affected content item will need to be cleaned, restored or replaced. Repairs to the structure and deodorizing, cleaning and sealing of other rooms are also part of the restoration process.
It is important to have a restoration professional handle the process, someone who is able to present a clear scope of work to your insurance carrier. DRIRITE is well versed in working with insurance carriers to ensure your loss is handled in a professional manner and your property is made whole again.