Truss Cleaning

Truss Cleaning

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What is Soda Blasting?

Soda blasting is an environmentally friendlier way of removing dirt, microbial growth, and other surface contaminants from building materials. Soda blasting does not cause heat build-up, sparks, or abrasions to the surfaces being cleaned. Sodium bicarbonate is also water soluble and in most cases it can be disposed of through conventional drainage systems.

truss cleaning truss cleaning

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How does Soda Blasting work?

The sodium bicarbonate used in the blasting process is a larger particle than the baking soda used in the food industry, although it is the same purity. The particles (baking soda) are propelled by compressed air through specialized blasting pots. The blasting pots use air pressure that can be varied from 20psi on soft surfaces to 120psi on harder surfaces. The pressurized sodium bicarbonate particles remove contaminants by the energy released when the particles explode as they contact the surface being cleaned. Soda blasting will restore the wood’s natural color and grain.

Why should you Soda blast?

Due to our humid climate, most lumber is delivered to your site affected by surface mold growth. Today’s home buyers are more aware of mold related issues and they have real concerns regarding the construction of their homes. As a professional builder you have a responsibility to protect your client. Show them you care by providing them with clean and mold free building materials.

When should you Soda blast?

After the trusses are set, the framing and roof deck is completed, before insulation has been installed.

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